Friday, May 14, 2010

Rose - ageddon

It may be the combination of the snowy winter and the wacky spring, but this year the roses are spectacular. A little bit of rain brought them all out and it is a treat to go from one to the other, drinking in the wonderful fragrance, enjoying the color and marveling at the abundance.

Most of my roses arrive via mail order. I am very fond of the Buck roses and am building a good collection of them. This is the elegant 'Winter Sunset'.

I frequently fall for some of the odd names or odd characteristics of other roses. Striped roses are a thrill but some don't make it through the winter for me. Weird names are wonderful, like Ghislaine de Feligonde, blooming now.

Madame Hardy is in bloom now. An old damask rose, she is so fragrant I save and dry the intoxicating blooms for later enjoyment. She blooms once, in the spring, and this year I will prune her lengthening canes.

The aphids that usually mar the roses are missing and the rain drops have refreshed everything. An explosion of roses can make everything seem possible.

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