Monday, June 24, 2013

Blue in the Garden

It is very warm and will take us all a few days to acclimate to the scorching temps but this is summer in the mid-Atlantic - though we were coaxed into thinking that the long, cool, wet spring would go on and on.

Watering in the morning is a must. Plants must get a good drink before it gets too hot, especially those in all of my tomatoes.  The heirloom varieties I grow aren't as resistant to common tomato diseases that attack those grown in soil. The potting mix/leaf compost combo I use to grow them in helps them resist catching the diseases in the first place. At least I think it does. The tomato plants don't seem to be as prolific as those I've grown in soil, but I have so many plants, it works out.

The bachelor buttons are blooming madly and as I watered this morning, the mockingbird was going through his entire musical catalog of bird calls - declaring his territory to all in the neighborhood. It was lovely.

Will collect seed from the bachelor buttons soon for next year - deep blue in the garden is so easy on the eyes. Especially on a hot day.

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