Monday, June 17, 2013

Keeping up with the News

Trying to get ahead of, or even catch up with, the weeds, I put down lots of newspaper to smother them and prevent their seeds from germinating. In the early stages of this process I often use pots of plants to hold down the papers until I can cover them with Kate's pine needles or David's leaf mulch. Sadly, this created an speed bump for my annual visitor.

While waiting for me to move several big pots of roses from the intended pathway, an eastern box turtle read about the latest weather event. This turtle visits each year to see what the border garden will offer - the earthworm that was dislodged when I moved the rose pots had little time to consider options. 

Don't have mayapple fruit for this critter to munch on but I guess there is some attraction - maybe it's the weeds!


  1. How lucky I was to have you as my first garden instructor 13 years ago! It has led me down a path of exciting plants, birds and bugs that never stop taking my breath away......thank you for inspiring me......and for always sharing the new and extraodinary garden delights that you find!!! Awesome!!

  2. How kind you are, Anonymous! Thanks for letting me know about your path...more fun than we could have imagined.